Approach and confession prayer 22 January 2023

To dwell in God’s house

this is what we seek

God’s house

where we’re with God all the days of our lives

seeing God’s wonder in the everyday

in the compassion of others

in the wonder of the landscape

in the in our troubles and in our delight

this is what we seek

that God would dwell within us

and we would dwell with God

by and through the power of the Spirit

in and around us

in this place

and every place we go

for God is our shelter

our safety and security

the one our hearts seek

see the face of God


do not hide your face from us, we pray

may the light shine in darkest places

in our hearts and lives

those places we try to even hide from you

shine that our joy may be increased

in this time of worship together

and in our time living our ordinary lives of faith

following the one in whom God’s face was revealed

Christ Jesus


assist us to see your face

and hear your call for repentance

for we know, in our hearts and minds

we have failed you

failed to follow when you call

failed to love as you commanded

failed to be the light to the nations

for these, and the many other ways we’ve failed

we repent

we repent

and seek anew the forgiveness you offer

may you know that forgiveness today

and be set free to follow Christ Jesus every day

as he dwells in you and you in him