Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 17 July 2022

For the shear bounty of creation

the Name of God be praised


offered thanksgiving

for, even if humanity fell silent

the very trees of the field would clap their hands

in joy and thanksgiving for all the Lord has done

moulding and shaping the universe

revealed in increasing detail

through the brilliance of scientists and engineers

for the gift to see further and furthe

the expanse and wonder of the universe

we offer thanksgiving

and thanksgiving for all those who increase humanity’s knowledge

from the study of the galaxies

to the internals of the atom

yet, though humans may strive more and more to explore and understand the universe

it’s too much for us to fathom

for only you, our God

Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer

know it in all it’s depth and complexity

Complex God

we’re grateful though you’re complex

as you are beyond our understanding

your gift is simple


poured out in creation

through time and galaxies

poured into all of creation

imbued in each person

made in God’s image

as we reflect on this

help us to see others as you see them

beloved children of God

and to give thanksgiving all the range of humanity

In response to our thanksgiving

we reflect on those who need prayer today

those who offer themselves for high office

grant them wisdom and grace

those who are worried about providing for their families

those who wage war in Sudan, Ukraine, Yemen

those who are the victims of people trafficking

those who mourn

those who are in pain

those who care so much for themselves, they’ve failed to care for others

those who care so much for others, they’ve failed to care for themselves

those who serve in the military

those who empty our bins

those who are our loved ones

may they all know love beyond imagining

peace, security, love

in Christ’s precious name we pray