Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 23 October 2016

Heavenly Father

in the wonder of the changing seasons,

we thank you

in the hues of the trees

we thank you

in the darkening nights

we thank you

for you are in control, you are the light in our darkness, the hope in our fear, the faith in our journey together

we thank you that the changing seasons remind us of the seasons of life too

childhood and adolescence

school, college, university

jobs and retirement

all are part of the rich tapestry of life

we pray for all who are facing changing seasons in their lives

those who recently moved from home to study or work

we pray they will find friends, build lives, love the places they now call home

those who are waiting for medical treatment

we pray for their patience and endurance in their uncertainty

we pray for those facing retirement, which fills them with fear, not joy, as they do not know what they will do with themselves, will no longer know what defines them.

Loving God

teach us to reach out and support all we know, among this church, our communities, our families, our friends who need support in their changing seasons

Timeless Lord

your work, your love is beyond the seasons

beyond our understanding

we thank you for the faith we have in you

that through it, we may trust in your never ending goodness

bless us, as your church in this place

that in our service of you and others we may show your goodness to all

bless to those who work for the goodness of our communities

the farmers and foresters who tend the land

those who work for the council, tending parks, emptying bins, mending roads

those who support the lonely and isolated, with visits and company

often undervalued, unappreciated

We thank you for all those who make this the wonderful place it is for us to live in

may they know their work is not in vain

Christ our Lord

we thank you for reminding us to be humble and to rely on you and you alone for all good things

grant to us, through your Holy Spirit, hearts which long to do your will, so all may know the goodness of your Father Amen