Intercessions 1 November 2015

Alpha and omega, first and last, beginning and end

Our God, our Christ, our saviour

we thank you, with our whole beings that in you we find our source, our life, all that has been and all that will be, are centred on you through our faith.

The gift of faith, freely and generously poured out, as living waters, gushing forth for all God’s people to be refreshed by.

We pray for those for whom faith is a mystery, not in a positive, inexplicable way, but something they do not understand, are confused by, think is irrelevant and unimportant to their lives and to the lives of others.

Open their hearts to this mystery we know that their hearts may be filled with the wonder of knowing their deepest grounding in your love, Lord God.

And open our hearts to love and cherish those who may dismiss our faith.


Table setting Lord

we give thanks we come here with food in our stomachs and joy in our hearts, to sit with one another in fellowship and worship.

We give thanks that from your generous bounty we have more than we need, so through us your generosity may overflow into our communities, into your world.

We recall before, Lord God, those in our communities who do not have enough to get by. They live hand to mouth, sometimes turning to hand outs to sustain life.

May our generosity never take a dip, never wonder why we bother, never doubt the need.


Christ our king

head of the church, the world-wide communion of saints.

We give thanks we are part of this family, which extends across class, across gender, across cultures, across languages.

Which source is you and you alone

Today, your praises will be sung, from east to west, from north to south, following the sun in its course across the sky.

We are blessed to blend our song with that wondrous chorus.

In this place, we give thanks for those we share this fellowship with.

Those sitting around us.

Those from our number we miss, but who are know and loved by us.

Those who taught us, through their words and actions, of your, our Lord.

Who through their love of you, Jesus Christ, we came to love you too.

Some are here with us today, so have gone on to meet with you face to face.

All are saints, unknown to the wider world, yet loved by us and known to you.

We we continue the work all the saints of the church have begun, in growing your kingdom on earth and watering the world with your love