Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 14 May 2017

Eternal Father

We praise and thank you for Jesus Christ our Lord

who promises there is a room prepared for each one of us

A room for each on of us

what a house that must be, Lord God

a house where all those we have loved and lost are at rest and peace

we thank you for that hope and assurance

yet, when we mourn, when we grieve, it can be hard to accept those we love are with you

in the room you have prepared for them

we also ask you assist us to support those within this community of faith, our neighbours and friends, in their grief

may our compassion be calming, helpful and honouring to you

may our presence bring you into the lives and home of those who need your presence most


Christ our Friend

We often get confused, don’t understand what we should do, don’t grasp what you want us to do

we thank you that in our confusion,

you come alongside us and love us

you do not get angry, but as the good shepherd you are, gently lead and guide us in your paths of righteousness

That as our confusion may be lifted, even temporarily, that you may be glorified

Understanding Friend

we pray for those who are confused in our communities, our world

confused at the way the world seems to be heading

confused in the way they should live their lives

confused in mind, soul, though grief, illness, loss

grant to them peace

and to those who care for them

understanding, compassion, love


Christ our King

You promise when we ask for anything in your name, you will do it

we thank you we can bring everything to you in prayer but sometimes it seems our prayers are not answered in the way we would like

grant to us patience and acceptance to trust in your promise that you do answer our prayers


In a few moments of quiet, let us bring before God the prayers of thanks and concern we have, which cannot be expressed in word, but which we can be assured Jesus Christ understands


Lord God, these are our prayers, spoken and written on our hearts, offered in and through Jesus Christ our Lord, in whose name we pray…