Approach and confession 5 October 2017

Lord God

King of all creation

mountains and brooks declare you sovereign

hills and valleys proclaim you ruler

for in them, the laws of nature are demonstrated

chemistry takes place as leaves change from glorious green to the hues of autumn

gravity is the guide of rivers flowing from their sources to the sea

acoustics allow us to hear bird song and one another

the rules, the laws which allow all this to happen were put in place through your creative Word, Lord God

Your creative Word we are privileged to know through Jesus Christ, your Son

We bow, in worship this day

to honour God who shaped all creation

to honour God who is with us all the days of our lives

to honour God who gave us rules for right living

that we may have life in all its fullness

But we recognise we have failed to follow your rules, Lord God

we have coveted that which others have, perhaps not by wanting it for ourselves, but wondering how they can afford it

we have worked 7 days a week at times, failing to rest

we have misused the Lord’s name, through our poor actions in God’s name

we are truly sorry, Lord God and turn humble from our sins

Send your Holy Spirit in and through us that we may we know we are cleansed, forgiven through Jesus Christ our Lord

that our worship may be to God’s honour and glory now and forever