Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 16 January 2022

What wonder is this?

That we can take refuge under the wings of God

that in God’s house

abundance of God’s blessing is revealed to us?

That we can be filled with good things God offers us?

What wonder is this?

Blessings too many to name

a fountain of life

which we know and love

and long to know and love more and more

This is the wonder of the Lord

whose goodness


pour out

in the sign of wine

the best of wine

so, so much wine

This is our wonder

this is our joy

this is the goodness and love

we know

We bless and praise the Lord for this goodness

of wine

given for many

God of abundance

where we have much, show us how to share

where we see need, remind us of Mary’s wisdom

in taking that concern to Jesus

and, like Mary, not giving up in our petitions when they initially seem rejected.

Cherishing Christ

as you cherish us

may we cherish others

viewing each person as you do

a cherished child of God

where people don’t feel cherished

may they find embrace

where people feel anger and hurt

may they find healing and wholeness


who longs to give wholeness and abundance to the whole world

we pause, in a few moments of quiet

to bring before you the people, places and situations which are in our hearts and on our minds this day


Generous God

accept these prayers

spoken and unspoken

offered in faith and trust through Christ Jesus