Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 8 January 2023

Challenging God

whenever you’re people think they have worked out your ways, your plans, your actions

we are reminded they are broader, deeper, higher than our limited imaginations can comprehend

for we are those who

we no people

and you made us your people

through your love revealed in the coming of the Son to us

in Jesus

praise and thanksgiving we give

for our knowing you in Christ

and for the challenge your inclusive love

is for us

assist us to include those we exclude

through mistrust

through oversight

through malice, deliberate or by neglect

show us the path you call us on

to truly be people of the light

in the darkest of places

and fulfil the Christmas promise

in this dark and cold world

there are many in need of your light and warmth

nurses and other health professionals caring in difficult circumstances

teenagers who are bullied for being different

homeless people who long for a home of their own

refugees fleeing war, terror, abuse, for a land of safety and security

families torn apart by bureaucracy at borders

the newly widowed coming to terms with an empty house

the couple hearing the devastating news their baby won’t make it

the civil servant trying to do the right thing

Christians in places where they must gather and worship in secret

organisations such as Mikey’s line and Samaritans who offer a listening ear to anyone who needs it

and many, many more situations, organisations and people, which we bring before you, Lord God in a few moments of quiet



Father, Son, Spirit

accept all these prayers we offer in faith and trust

that you hear and respond to each one

and help us to hear, when you call us to be the ones who respond

in your name