Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 19 July 2020

The world and everything in it are God’s

it is God’s field

made in God’s love

saved by Christ’s grace

restored by the Spirit’s intimacy

Praise God for the world

for all that is in it

for people of different races and creeds

different opinions and backgrounds

praise God that God sees into the hearts of all God’s children

and is patient with us all

The world and everything in it are God’s

it is God’s field

a place where the kingdom grows

where good seed is sown

and grows beside bad

praise to God that humans are part of the growing of the kingdom

praise to God people of the field is given time

to grow

to learn

to change

from weeds to seed

from doing evil to doing good

The world and everything in it are God’s

it is God’s field

Lord God

in Christ Jesus we have faith all will be made well in your time, not ours

grant us patience to follow your will

for your body, the worldwide church

for our neighbours and communities


Son of Man

as we pray, we bring before you prayers for others and the world

for those who have been made redundant

the self-employed who have lost livelihoods

low paid workers, feeling forced to work in unsafe conditions

farmers concerned about the lowering of food standards

those whose hospital treatment has been delayed

front line NHS staff, as they feel the affects of Covid-19 on their mental health

young people, whose hopes and dreams lie broken on the floor


help us to bring your healing balm, where we can, Lord God

surround them with the love and presence of your spirit


now, in a few moments of quiet, we bring before God those people, places and situations which lie on our hearts today

Christ Jesus

Thank you that you hear these prayers, spoken and unspoken