Approach and confession prayer 11 April 2021

A week, Lord God

since the joy of Easter

the joy of recalling

Christ has risen

he has risen indeed


may our joy continue this day, we pray

as we look at the empty cross

the empty cross which bears witness to the power of death and sin overcome

what joy this is

to know the Word of life

to be inheritors of the kingdom

to walk in the light of the Lord

to say, with elation

Christ is risen

he is risen indeed

Risen Christ

unite us one to another

make us truly siblings

adopted children of God the Father

by the power of the Holy Spirit

that our worship may be pleasing

a fitting, loving sacrifice

generously laid at the foot of the cross

which stands a symbol of God’s grace

Gracious One

by the power of the cross

the Word of Life was manifested

in God there is no darkness

yet, we acknowledge that we do

we hold our possessions and wealth tight

we are not of one heart and mind as we ought

we sometimes claim to be without sin, deceiving ourselves

in all these, and may other ways, we know we have failed to be bearers of the Light in the world

Christ Jesus

you are faithful and just

purify us from all unrighteousness

purify us from all sin by your blood

may we live as those who are forgiven and set free

to walk in the Light of God

each and every day