Approach and confession prayer 11 March 2018

Lord God

You alone are good

you alone are faithful

you alone are gracious

this knowledge is too wonderful for us

too much for us to attain

we seek goodness in other places

we look for faith in other things

we pursue grace in other ideas

so in the midst of difficulties in our lives, in our communities, in the life of the world

we wonder why you these things are happening

what have we done wrong to incur the wrath of God?

But you Lord God

are good, faithful, gracious

in your infinite goodness you called forth the oceans and seas

set the moon in its orbit to conduct the tides

brought forth salmon and dolphins and otters

created oaks and pines and birch trees

made hills and mountains

all which tell of the goodness, faithfulness, graciousness of our Lord

which endures forever and ever

a goodness, faithfulness, graciousness

which led people from slavery to freedom

from death to life

from disobedience to harmony

with one another

with creation

with God

Almighty God

we fall before you

seeking your goodness, faithfulness, graciousness

wishing to find the true source of all that is beautiful, true, just and lovely in you, Lord God alone

wishing to set aside all the times we have doubted your power

doubted your wisdom

doubted your love

Lord Jesus

help us to set these doubts aside so we worship with clean hearts, souls and minds

in true devotion of the one who forgives all