Approach and confession prayer 16 July 2023

To God be glory and honour and praise

now and ever more

God’s kingdom lasts forever

it endures from everlasting to everlasting


no one

in all of creation

can stand against

God’s kingdom

Heaven and earth one

united in God’s love

such wondrous, marvellous, amazing love

that we are invited to know

through Christ Jesus

living in us

and us in him

by the power of the spirit in us

for this gift

this incredible gift

we bow, bow before the throne of grace

bringing our whole selves

body, mind, soul, strength

money, possessions, time, talents

worries, joys, sorrow, contentment

to worship this day

for we know you desire all we have, Lord God

even those parts of ourselves we try to hide from you

for you know us completely

know our distractions, know our desires

may they all be according to your will, and not our own

our living, eternal God

where we place our own will

before yours, Lord God

where we fall for the glitter of the world

where we fail to love you first

and love our neighbour as we love ourselves

we are sorry

and humbly repent of our sin

may the Lord Jesus Christ

be a lamp to your feet

that his forgiveness may guide you back onto the paths of righteousness

for his namesake

and to him be all honour and glory

now and always