Communion 1 May 2022


ate with supporters and opponents

with wealthy and poor

with self-righteous and humble


broke bread

at a table

surrounded by friends

who would betray, deny, abandon him


breaks bread for us



at this table

which is his

it’s a table to which all are invited

for Jesus welcomed and included everyone


come and be fed

Eternal God

in your infinite mercy and wisdom

you come to us

in Christ Jesus

you come to us

in bread, broken for us

in wine, poured out for us

in communion, shared between us

you come to us

in the spirit’s presence with us

may she descend on us

and this bread and wine

that together

they may become

Christ’s body and blood

broken and poured out for us

that together

in receiving these elements

we, the church gathered

may become the living flesh and blood presence of Christ in this time

in this place


On the night he was betrayed

Our Lord, Jesus Christ

after giving thanks

took bread and broke it

telling his disciples

this is my body, broken for you.”

then, he took the cup filled with wine

and offered it to his disciples


this is my blood, poured out for you.

Eat and drink this all of you to remember me.”

we are Jesus disciples

and he gives us the same invitation

eat and drink this bread and wine

to remember him

remember Jesus

until he comes again


These are the gifts of God

for the people of God

taste and see that God is good

Lord Jesus Christ

we praise and thank you

for filling us with your goodness

offering food on the Way

and calling us to head

into unknown

sometimes difficult places

may this food for the journey

sustain us

until we share it again

whether on earth or in heaven

in your glorious presence