Approach and confession prayer 24 May 2020

Sing to God

Praise the name of the Lord!

Rejoice in the name of God

Be glad this day

know joy and awe and wonder

in sitting at the feet of the One who threw galaxies into space

who set the earth on its axis

and rides on the clouds

yet is also with us

where we are

through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit

in us this, and every day of our lives

As we pray,

as we heard and meditate on God’s Word

may we know, truly know, God with us

through our faith in the Risen Christ Jesus


Christ Jesus

as we gaze at the empty cross

in wonder that, though you died, you rose again

what love that was!

So, so much, we can never fully comprehend

we can never repay

in this moment, we pause to recall your amazing grace

which cleanses us of all sin and misdemeanour

setting us free to be your witnesses wherever we are, to the ends of the earth