Approach and confession 17 August 2017

Almighty everlasting God

You are God and God alone

there is none like you

for an hour is like a thousand years to you

and a thousand years is but an hour

You stand outside time and space

seeing that which is beyond what our limited minds can comprehend

viewing the whole of creation in ways we can never imagine

how awesome is the thought of you, Heavenly King

how wonderful is the knowledge of you, Christ Jesus

how marvellous is the understanding of you, Holy Ghost

Our God, the God of all heaven and earth

all that was

all that is yet to be

we bow before you now,

knowing we are barely worthy to come before you this hour

for we have fallen short of your glory for us

we have neglected you, until we are in deep trouble

we have neglected those around us, by focusing on our own needs first

We are truly sorry and turn humbly from our sins

may the Holy Spirit blow through us

to cleanse our hearts and minds off all our guilt and pain

that we may truly worship you this day

worship you, forgiving Lord

in prayer, in song, in hearing your Word

that together, we may be your people in this place

joining with all those, in heaven and on earth,

throughout eternity

in the never ending hymn of praise

All this we pray in and through Jesus Christ our Lord