Approach and confession prayer 22 April 2018

Lord God

lover of our souls

carer of our beings

provider of our needs

what can we say of the one who is our all-in-all?

The one who brings forth sun, warming our faces and the fields where new growth bursts through turning them from brown to green

the one who prepares a table before us

which engulfed with good food

the one who fills our cup is filled to overflowing

the one who anoints our heads with oil

there is nothing, nothing we have done to merit this generosity, Lord God

as we come to dwell in the house of the Lord

may we know the Lord’s goodness follows us all the days of our lives

Surely the Lord is with us as we gather in God’s presence

to worship and adore the King and Shepherd of our lives

Shepherd of our Souls

lead us to safe pastures

guide us along safe paths

may we listen to your voice as you call us

least we would stumble from your way

by storing up wealth for ourselves, yet refusing to share with those in need, even our fellow Christian

by our actions not reflecting our words

by not loving others as God loves us

Lord God

forgive us

cleanse us

renew us

through your loving presence living in us

may we follow the path set for us

in and through our King and Shepherd, Jesus Christ