Approach and confession prayer 19 February 2023

Great is the Lord

exalted over the nations

Holy is God’s name

A King, who is mighty

a lover of justice

and creator of equity

to the ends of the earth

worthy of our praise

worthy of our worship

worthy of our service

today and every day of our lives

Great is the Lord

who from the cloud on the mountain

giving the law to Moses

telling the disciples

to listen to The Son

may the spirit of God descend on us today

as we worship together

that God may speak to us

as we heard God’s Word

offer our prayers

sing our hymns of praise

before God’s footstool


Father, Son, Spirit

as we gather before you today

take away our fear

lift us up

that we may see Jesus face-to-face

that we may bring honour to your Holy name

that we may be witnesses to the majesty of Jesus Christ our Lord

Christ Jesus

where we’ve failed to be your witnesses

forgive us

where we’ve failed to be your light shining in a dark place

forgive us

where we’ve sinned against you and others

forgive us

be the power of the spirit

may you know the forgiveness Christ offers again today to you

see, he is here, lifting you up, reassuring you to not be afraid