Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 1 August 2021

Loving God Almighty

How wonderful it is to know your love

love shown in signs of compassion and grace

from you

love shown in you coming to us

in Christ Jesus

the bread of God

which fills us with all good things

may gratefulness pour from our souls

in abundance

to your honour and glory

assist us to recall you are our rock

and to be ever thankful that from generation to generation

you send good things to your people

sustaining us in our journey of faith

siblings in Christ who support us

friends and families who love us

the land around us

providing food and leisure for us and people across our country

we are more grateful for these things than we can truly express in words

we pray you look into our hearts and know the gratitude which fills them

and we also pray your caring hand on those who hold dear

where relationships are strong, may they continue to be sustained

where relationships have broken down, may your peace and grace bring healing and wholeness

Living God

Father, Son and Spirit

you long to bring wholeness to all people

bless the work of those who bring compassion and care

through food and clothing banks

through counselling and mediation

through justice work and advocacy

may they be sustained in their work

filled with grace, and all the good things you offer

Christ Jesus

your offer of eternal life is simple

believe in you

help us in our belief

and to ever seek the Way you call us on

and not those things which spoil

thank you for those who have lead us to this point in our faith journey

and bless all who lead and minister in your name priests and ministers, elders and deacons

lay and ordained

fill them with a passion for your kingdom

all these things we pray, Christ Jesus, through your blessed name

intercede to God the Father on our behaves

for these, and the people, places and situation which are in our minds and on our hearts today