Approach and confession prayer 17 February 2019

God of the Universe

Glorious are your works

Wondrous are your deeds

Marvellous are your acts

in them, your purpose is revealed

for they were breathed forth the power of Love

Your creative Word shaping and forming

all there is

all there was

all there shall be

may your glory, your marvellous presence be with us this hour

look into our hearts and know,

despite our shortcomings,

despite our flaws,

despite our failings

our deepest desire is to worship you

to know your blessing in our lives

to put down deep roots into the living water you offer

that, in good times and in bad, we may drink of that water and be fruitful for your kingdom

Kingdom Enacting Christ

humbly we bow before you

knowing there are times where we have followed the ways of the world rather than you Way

our roots have been shallow

we have failed to bear fruit

take pity on us,

we know you look to our hearts and know our true selves

there is no hiding from you

take our hearts and where they are hardened, melt them

melt them for love

that we may know your blessings

and not your curses

fill us with the power of the Holy Spirit

that we may truly worship this day

in this hour and in the fruit we bear for the world