Approach and confession prayer 1 October 2017

Lord God Almighty

in and through whom all hope is founded

hope for us

hope for others

hope for creation

show us your great mercy and love

reveal to us, once more, your truths

of justice, righteousness, forgiveness

for they are from you and you alone

it was in your authority

all that is seen and unseen came into being

it is in your power

all that is seen and unseen is sustained

it is though your rule

all dominions and nations have their source

God, we honour you

God, as you command, we gather

to worship, to praise, your holy name

the name which endures forever and ever

the name above all names

the name which gives authority to all we do this hour

may our gathered devotions be worthy of you, Lord God

may they join with the chorus of our brothers and sisters across the globe

that every hour of every day may be an never-ending hymn of praise

at the throne of the one who has all authority on heaven and on earth

to rule, to judge, to forgive.

Lord God

in our weakness

we have dishonoured you

in judging others for their past lives

in determining children’s futures according to their parents’ shortcomings

in blaming past decisions for our future plans

In your great mercy, compassion and love

we seek your forgiveness, Lord God

humbly, seeking to place our sullied past before you

in the knowledge you wash us clean

and set us free to life

through Christ our Lord