Spill the beans Showing the Sacred Intercession

Lord God Almighty

King of the universe

Though you reign over all creation

you are not a distant God,

so we praise and thank you for being close beside us, a caring, loving presence in our lives

There are those in our world who struggle to feel your presence, your care

they have turned away from you, believing they can set out in the world without you

they see war and famine and greed and misery and wonder how a loving God could allow this

they are in pain or in sorrow or mournful and they feel abandoned, lost

we pray for all who fail to know your presence, as we know you are in all of these situations

may we, in the ways we can, be your presence, where and how we can

Lord God Almighty

King of the universe

Though you are ruler over all the earth

you give us to chose whether to come into you loving care

so we praise and thank you for this freedom to know you, to love you, to worship you.

We blend our prayers with those of your church, throughout the world who offer you praise this day, in the knowledge many do not have the freedom we take for granted and are persecuted for their faith, love and devotion to you

Grant them patience, peace and grace to face their persecutors with love and mercy as you would wish them to

Lord God Almighty

King of the universe

though you are omnipotent over the cosmos

We are you children, and you are our father

so we praise and thank you for your devoted parenthood

yet there are those who there are those who long to be devoted parents and feel pain and emptiness this brings to their lives and their relationships.

Impart them the comfort and peace only you can bring

Father God

These are our prayers, offered in reverence and devotion, in the knowledge you understand each one of these situations, and you embrace all your people in warmth and love

That though we call you father, your care, your compassion, your love is perfect, pure, unconditional, revealed in and through Jesus Christ our Lord, who knew of this love.