Opening prayer 26 March 2017

How wonderful, how marvellous are your works

Lord God

In the beginning, you spoke light into being

from the start, your light was in and through all creation

in stars and galaxies

in daffodils and pines

in robins and whales

from the dawn of time, the entire cosmos has been illuminated by your glory

a glory which is too hard to grasp

too large to comprehend

but a glory we long to worship

so we come, gathered from different places

with different expectations, carrying joys and sorrows

here, together, joined with one purpose

to glorify your Holy Name forever and ever

to adore the one who formed us by his hands

to hear again the wondrous works of the Son

to feel moving around and within us the marvellous empowering of the Spirit

May all our praise and pray, all our thoughts and words

waft to the highest heaven

as beautiful incense

to blend with the angels and archangels

the saints and sinners gathered there

in a never ending hymn of praise

to the one who anoints as his chosen people

and blesses us to be his light in the world

Illuminated Lord

We are aware, though, we are not fully people of the light

there are parts of ourselves we wish to hide from others

things which we are ashamed that we have said, thought or done

things which we are ashamed that we haven’t said or done

times when we have been blinded by our own prejudices

and so have condemned and judged


We are truly sorry, Lord God, for these and the many other ways we have sinned against you and others

Remind us we are forgiven of all our sins

that the slate truly is clean and we are set free to be the people who see the world as yours

who see your light shining in the darkest of places

the light of Jesus Christ our Lord