Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 24 January 2016

Christ, Saviour, Lord, Head of the church

we give you thanks and praise that, through our baptisms we are united with you and our brothers and sisters throughout the world.

A family united in our shared faith and mission in the world.

We praise and honour you for the diversity we have among us.

We come from different places, have had different jobs, bring different gifts to the church.

We bless you for those gifts and seek your guidance in supporting those around us in using their gifts in this place or wherever they are called to be your servant

As our own bodies suffer when one part is injured or ill, so we as your church share the pain and suffering of your church throughout the world.

Today, we especially recall before you our brothers and sisters in Christ in Yemen, Pakistan, Kenya who live day by day with the threat of persecution.

We praise you for their faith, despite all they face and pray they may know they are not forgotten and we stand with them.

Healing Lord

we give thanks for all who look after the body, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, care workers

and many others who help heal and repair and look after our and those we love bodies that all may live lives in fullness as you desire

and, in your holy spirit, guide and sustain them all, that their work is done to the best of their abilities.

Building God

skilled at the lathe and the plain

we give thanks for builders and sparkies and plumbers and joiners.

For all who create new homes for us to live in, new colleges for us to learn in, or fix and repair and upgrade our homes and workplaces to make them more comfortable.

Beauty making King

Your artist’s palette is like the sky at dawn, indescribable.

You bless some with gifts of artistry, of creating beauty in wood, stone, paint and glass, within and outwith the church.

Their work can reach our souls in different and exciting ways, unveiling another part of your glory.

Remind us to always know all good gifts come from you and you have given them so all your people may live and know life in all its fullness.

Compassionate God

there are many in our community who cannot live fulfilled lives

they are in pain, full of sorrow and hurt, they grieve for things past

comfort them, Lord God, bring them peace

and show us how to be the peace and comfort they need through your holy spirit guiding us, your church in this place

today, tomorrow and forever