Approach and confession prayer 15 December 2019

God is near

Lord, we heard that with our ears

help us to feel it in our hearts

May we rejoice in the presence of God

be glad as we spend time in the company of God

whom we gather at the seat of


who is our shield and protector

who keeps promises made from generation to generation

who includes us in God’s covenant of grace

revealed through Jesus Christ, God’s Son

our Saviour, Friend, Lord

who we worship in spirit and in truth

who we, with the Father and Holy Spirit, adore with all we have

for where would we be without the Lord?

For all our strength and courage

comes from the Lord

who calls us out from our weakness

so God’s glory can shine

as light shines in the darkness

never to be consumed

never to be overcome

never to be overwhelmed


Encouraging One

Encourage us this day

encourage us as we continue our pilgrimage of life and faith

every longing to follow the way of Jesus

as we worship, may our prayers, our songs, our thoughts, be in accordance with that journey


Christ Jesus

the journey through Advent is passing quickly

we are nearly at the stable

help us to pause and reflect before we rush in

help us to set aside all our troubles, worries and doubts

all our fears and anxieties

all which get in the way of truly welcoming you into our hearts and minds

all our sins in thought, word and deeds

that, when we burst into the stable on Christmas Day

we can be filled with the joy only you can bring

knowing you were given for us and all the world