Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 11 August 2019 B

Blessed be the name of the Lord

whom heaven and earth has made

who knows us through and through

and loves us still

greatly to the praised and thanked is the Lord our God for all God does for us and the world

in bringing forth golden grain on the land, to feed us, the animals of the farms and the birds of the air

in sending rain to make the land lush, the grass grow

in giving us people who care for us, family, friends, neighbours, care staff, doctors, hairdressers, podiatrists, the list could go on and on

we are so blessed by God’s generous provision and we thank you God with every fibre of our beings

Holy One

we bless you that as we have come together in your name

we can come as we are,

without carrying anything on our hands

without needing to meet in a spectacular building

without bringing offerings before your throne

grant us hearts which live for you

and show your love, justice, mercy and righteousness in all we do

for we know there are many who long to know your care, Holy one

those facing the affects of flooding in their homes and land

those without a roof above their heads

those struggling with isolation

those facing the world without the person the hold most dear in it

those burdened by debt

those hampered by society’s structures

those waiting to hear from the doctor or hospital

those holding the hands of those who are in pain


Loving, eternal God

into your hands we place all these people and situations, with confident and faithful hearts, knowing you hear each prayer, know each situations and long all your people to know your embrace

this is our prayer, offered in and through Christ Jesus