Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 23 July 2017

Heavenly Father

we praise you for being a God who knows we are imperfect people

so you are patient and merciful to us

Where others see weeds beginning to grow, you wait, allowing us to grow the seeds of love you have sown in our hearts

We thank you for your compassion to us

slow to anger, abounding in love

teach us to reflect this way of being into your world

to be patient with others, as you are patient with us

to be compassionate with others, as you are compassionate with us

to be merciful with others, as you are merciful towards us

Lord God

we thank you for the promises you have made to us

promised to bless the whole earth through us

help us to remember your promise to watch over and guide us all the days of our lives

and, in the knowledge of that promise, take your blessing into your world

Blessing Christ

In your mercy, you teach us there is good and bad in all of us

yet you give us time to grow and change, to be the fruitful people for your world, and we praise you for this.

As you work with us, through the Holy Spirit

assist us to proclaim the wonders of your way to all the people we encounter

especially those who are struggling in this world

those whose minds are filled with worries and doubts, which consume them

those who fill their lives with possessions, believing that defines them

those who have lost all hope, because the world has given up on them

those who are in prison, seeking forgiveness

those who are leaders, seeking wisdom

those who are patients, waiting treatment

Lord, in your great compassion, love and faithfulness

bless all, who are struggling in your world

and guide us, to be the ones who bring blessing in our day-to-day lives

so love and goodness, mercy and compassion

may grow

in each person we encounter

this day, this week, to the ends of the age