Opening prayer 12 February 2017

Lord God

we come into your presence

knowing you are God and God alone

as the low sun is hard to look upon

you are difficult for us to know

fully, truly, completely

for your ways, your power, your might

are beyond our ways, our power, our might

they are too wondrous to name,

too astounding to comprehend

yet we are still drawn to you

as those drawn to gazing on the sun,

though it may blind us

drawn to you as those drawn towards the shore

though it may swallow us

drawn to you as those drawn towards the mountains

though they may overwhelm us

for nothing, nothing in our lives is more important than our love of you, Lord God

it is in love we gather here

it is in love we worship you

it is in love we look for your cleansing and renewing

in our lives, in the life of this nation, in the life of all creation


Lord God

move within and around us through your Holy Spirit

inspire us, challenge us, comfort us

to be your people

and to acknowledge you alone as God in our lives


Jesus Christ

we acknowledge there are times when we have sinned against you and others

and in so doing, have let ourselves and you down

humbly, we come seeking your forgiveness

your love, your peace, your grace

your guidance to turn us away from sin towards you and you alone