Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 6 December 2020

Comforting One

we praise and thank you for your presence with us this day

in our worship

in our daily lives

assist us to seek you in all we say and do

this Advent and beyond

Advent God

through scripture

your people waited

waited to be taken to the promised land

waited for exile to end

waited for the Messiah to come

and we wait too

thank you for times of waiting

and help us to wait, as you see fit, though it is hard

we think of those who are waiting

for delayed operations and tests

for family to visit

for help with their struggling business

for winter to end

for babies to arrive

for the vaccine

for hope

for comfort

for love

Advent God

be with them in their waiting

and with us, to help bring the good news of Emmanuel,

God with us

into our homes,

our communities

into your world

Christ Jesus

King of the Universe

we thank you for our fellow travellers in Advent and beyond

for the opportunity to worship

for the voices in the wilderness

who prepare the Way for your coming

may we be among those voices to

bring hope

bring comfort

bring love

Loving Spirit

inspire our thoughts and deeds this week

to the glory of God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit

The God we know

The God we love

The God we long to serve