Approach and confession prayer 9 June 2019

The glory of the Lord is eternal

it was and is and is yet to come

it sits at the very centre of everything

for through the glory of God was all seen and unseen made

the living things

the sea

the mountains

all proclaim God’s glory


we praise you


we worship you


we bow humbly before you

excite us in your presence here

as we celebrate Pentecost

the coming of your spirit

sending disciples from the upper room

into the streets

to tell others of your great love for them

excite us

challenge us

take us places we never think imaginable

as we journey with you this day

fill our hearts and minds with your glory, Lord God

remind us of your promise to us

and all believers

that Christ lives in us as we live in Christ

Living Christ Jesus

humbly we confess we don’t embrace the power we have through the Holy Spirit

we are a little bit afraid of where she may take us

we are a little bit wary of the types of situations she might land us in

we do not really, in our guts, get the promises given to us

that you, Christ Jesus, are in us and we in you

through that power

we do not get we have all we need and more to be the love of God in the world

Christ our Redeemer

in your great love for us, remind us we are forgiven

stir us up through the Holy Spirit, that we would be sustained on this journey of faith and life

as we follow you