Approach and confession prayer 29 July 2018

Holy, Glorious, Redeeming God

from on high, you look upon your world

seeing all of this earth, which your Word brought forth

beholding all creatures that you reign over

viewing all people, made in your image

nothing, no one can hide from your gaze

a gaze which wishes to protect, cherish, save

a gaze which sees to the end of the universe

and which knows the number of each of the hairs on our heads

it can seem weird, a bit intimidating you can view us, in our good times and bad, in such detail. Lord God

you would think it would prompt us to do as you command

love you with all our hearts, souls and minds

love others as ourselves

but we don’t always do that, do we God?

We think there are times and places where you don’t know exactly what we’re up to

we think we can use our position and power to do what we want

we fail to be good stewards of the earth’s resources

we buy cheap goods without thought for the cost to those who produced them

we fail to see there are consequences to our actions

Lord God

without your help, we fail you

humbly, we fall before you, longing to be restored to our true selves

that, in being and knowing we are truly forgiven

we can rise up and, without a word, follow our true King Christ our Lord

in worship and in service, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit

who we invite to blow through us and our sacrament of praise this day

that we, unafraid and unashamed, may boldly go into the world to proclaim God’s love

in the name of Christ