Opening Prayer 21 June 2015

Wisdom and strength and power and might

are yours and your along, Sovereign God

yet, it was not with your strength or power you created the world, the universe and everything in it,

but it was through your Word spoken,

your breath brought forth hills and valleys, rivers and lochs

and breathed life into plants and animals and humans

we bow in awe and wonder that this was possible, that all we know, all that has been, all that will be was shaped and formed and made through the Word of God

The Word of God

who took on flesh and came to earth, to show the world the Father’s love, to show the world how to live lives in fullness and freedom.

This is amazing, wondrous and, in many ways foolish.

Yet, you came, Christ our Lord.

Living with us, you know our failings, you know our doubts, you understand us better than we understand ourselves.

breathe into and onto us you Holy Spirit

that we may be enlivened, enriched and encouraged through our worship and fellowship in this time together.

breathe into and onto us you Holy Spirit

cleanse us from all our wrongs, all our sins, all our shortcomings

forgive us when we try to put on outward appearances which restrict us from doing your will

forgive us when we try to fit into the patterns of the world, and lose sight of your will on our lives

forgive us when we fail to realise we are burdening ourselves in many ways, yet you wish us to be who we are fully human and fully loved and forgiven in and through Jesus Christ, our Lord, who taught us to pray together saying:

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