Approach and confession prayer 7 June 2020

On Mountains and in valleys

God speaks with people

On TV and radio

God speaks with people

Through phone and internet

God speaks with people

That’s the thing which is so remarkable, God

that you speak to people

directly, through your voice calling forth all creation

through Jesus Christ, your Son, as he walked on the earth

through the Holy Spirit, enabling people to go into the world and tell others the good news of your love

but who are we, ordinary people, that we would deserve such honour?

What is humanity that you would be mindful of us, Lord God?

We didn’t create the heavens, the trees or the buzzard

We didn’t set the stars in place

Yet, we are crowned with glory and honour

so we bow, bow in awe that you love people that much

you entrusted us with your image

and sent the Son to us

that we may know your amazing, majestic name

a name which should be honoured and glorified in all the earth

a name above all names

a name which we sometimes dishonour

we use it to abuse, rather than to honour

we fail to show the good news in the entirety of our lives

we fail to look at other people in the way you do, Lord God, crowned through love with honour and glory

for these, and the many other ways we have strayed, we are truly sorry

may we know the forgiveness God offers, through Christ Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit

the blessed trinity

and go forth this day, knowing God is mindful of us