Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 1 September 2019

Let us acclaim the wonders of the Lord

who generously and extravagantly pours out rich blessings on us

hour after hour,

day after day,

year after year

so many blessings we can overlook them

or take them for granted

the wonder of turning a tap and getting clean, fresh water

the pattern rain makes on a window

a random wild flower adding a splash of colour

in a place where it’s not wanted

free school education for our children and grandchildren

our local community council

the posties who not only deliver our mail, but check all is well with the lonely and isolated

our neighbours

our friends

our families

we place all of these blessings, and so many more before you, Lord God

with thankful hearts that they all are your rich, rich blessings on our lives


Blessed Christ

we thank you for showing us a way which reminds us to look beyond what is easy to do what is right

to be willing to humble ourselves for the sake of your kingdom

who are the ones who we should include at our tables?

Should we really not invite our relatives and friends?

Or are we to seek your kingdom

now and always

in serving others who can never repay

the grieving family who can barely afford the funeral

the wheelchair user who is excluded by society’s attitudes

the addict receiving care from Crossreach

that person in front of us at the checkout who has to put things back, because they don’t have enough money

those who need comfort and support in their times of crisis, who will never darken a door of a church

the Amazonian tribe, displaced by fire and greed

the North Korean Christian, interned for their faith


Christ Jesus

we know we cannot invite all of these to our homes

but show us how to practice hospitality as you would have us do

where, in your kingdom, there is a place at the table for all