Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 3 October 2021

Praise the Lord

let our lips and hearts

praise the name of the Lord

for all the good gifts we have

life, in all its fullness

a place to call home

the crown of glory which last forever

a special place in all creation

to care for the earth

and use its resources wisely

gratitude pours from our souls

Lord our God

that we know you

as you embrace us

love us

and invite us to receive your kingdom

with the trust and openness of a child

we bring before you the children in our lives

sons and daughters


nieces and nephews


the children of neighbours

may they know the warm, safe embrace of our Lord

Christ Jesus

all the days of their lives

protect and care for their families, and all who will support them as they grow and mature

we pray

we also pray for children

who are not safe

are not protected

are not loved as they should be

bring safety to them

we pray

and pray for support agencies and charities who support families

through hard times

especially where relationships breakdown

and cannot be restored

bless all who have experienced a breakdown of relationship, including marriage

restore them, we pray

to fullness of life

for where they come to you

we know you will not turn them away

help us to do likewise

for such is the kingdom of heaven

All this we pray in and through Christ Jesus

our Lord