Opening prayer 20 September 2015

Blessing and honour,

Glory and praise are yours and yours alone

our Rock and our Redeemer

the source and sustainer of life

life in all its wonderful abundance and diversity

life granted to all creation in and through your spoken Word, your living word

revealed in atoms and mountains

revealed in molecules and galaxies

revealed in plants and animals

revealed in so many amazing ways, which surround us each and every day, unfolding time and time again the mystery of your love

your love which embraces all

As we gather this hour, may your love be unfolded to us once more

as we sing your praises, offer our prayers, listen to your word, may your love be present within and around us

Sustainer God

As trees need water to bear fruit in season

grant us your living water, that as your church we may bear fruit for the world to see

may that living water refresh and enliven us

in its overflowing abundance that there is nothing we can do but sing to all of creation of the awe of knowing you as our God, our maker, our friend

Merciful God

through your loving Word, made flesh, you showed the world there was and is nothing you would not do to show your love for the world

yet we too often forget this, we became like chaff, blown this way and that by the glitter of the world’s standards

rather than fruitful trees rooted in your law, your word, your love

in a moment quiet, we confess before you the ways we have fallen short of your standard for us


may we know, once more, we are completely forgiven of these, and all our sins, in and through Jesus Christ, our Lord, who taught us to pray together saying: