Prayer of commitment 29 March 2018

Lord, as we have shared a meal with one another

we remember that through meals you connected with people

from different background, walks of life, status

showing how the kingdom of God should be

where all are fed,

where all are included

where all are valued

where all are loved

teach us, as we look to the cross, as we remember all Christ did for us

all Christ showed us

that we are included

we are valued

we are loved

may our service extend beyond these walls

that when we share meals

we show generous living

we mirror something of the kingdom of God

so those who are not included

are not valued

are not loved

by their families

by their communities

by their society

are shown they are included

they are valued

they are loved

for that is the kingdom of God

that we pray for week by week, month by month, year by year

Lord God

through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit

turn our prayers into action

stirs out hearts more and more to work for your kingdom

that your will is done on earth as it is in heaven