Opening prayer 16 July 2017

Lord God

Your Word is creator and sustainer of the land

You sustain it

You nourish it

You enrich it

The land is at your command,

it is dependant on the light of the sun, the water of the rain

Without your Word, the land is a barren, desolate place

In your generous providing,

the hills are clothed with gladness

meadows covered with flocks

the valleys mantled with grain

and the whole land sings with joy and praise to its King

We, too, are barren, desolate, without your Word, Lord God

so we come in humility and obedience in worship this hour

to honour God the Father, who spoke forth the galaxies and stardust

to praise the Son, Word of the Father, who is breath the life and peace for the whole of creation

to revere the Spirit, who sparks joy, deep joy, into our hearts

to know the presence of the Trinity of God embracing us

in love

embracing us in the same love which extends around the whole world, throughout all time, all space

That we may join the eternal chorus of adoration to the one true God

As we come to know your presence around us, around the world, Lord God

we become aware we are called to be holy as you are holy, but have failed

we are called to be good, as you are good, but we have failed

we are called to love, as you love, but we have failed

Lord, forgive us, we pray

renew us with generous, good, holy, loving hearts

through the inspiration of your Holy Spirit

that we may bear fruit for your kingdom

revealed through Christ Jesus, who taught us to pray together, saying: