Approach and confession prayer 25 February 2018

Praise the Lord

with fear and thanksgiving

Honour the Christ

with humility and gratitude

Revere the Holy Spirit

with meekness and blessing

Acclaim the wonder of God

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

the Holy Trinity

the source of all being

the origin of all life

the fount of all love

Praise the Lord you people

in the assembly

where angels and archangels, saints and sinners

in heaven and earth

join in the endless song of worship of the one who is all on all

The One who is God Almighty

Praise the Lord

with singing, with laughter, with fellowship

Praise the Lord

with hearts, with souls, with minds

Praise the Lord

with sacrifice, with surrender, with penance

Fall before the Lord

and know of God’s promises

to you, your children and your children’s children

to all generations

for all creation

Fall down before the Lord

in awe at God’s mighty works

in wonder at the Almighty’s power

in amazement at the Saviour’s love

a love which goes through suffering and shame

to the cross

a love which calls us to take up the cross ourselves and follow

a love which casts out all fear and doubt and shame and guilt from each one of us

when we humbly confess our sin before the Lord

Lord God

we have sinned in word, thought and deed and we are truly sorry.

In humility, may we be set free to follow Christ Jesus

through the forgiveness he brings

That, being cleansed and renewed, our worship and service is true to the one who calls us

to take up our crosses and follow

Jesus Christ, our Lord