Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 23 April 2023

What wonder is this?

God, Heavenly Father

loves us beyond measure

loves us so much

God the Father sent God the Son

that through him we believe

and have faith and hope in God

and God alone

through this gift, we are redeemed

through the imperishable living and enduring Word of God

what wonder is this?

What can we say or do or offer in thanksgiving for this wondrous gift?

Except offer our sincere and heartfelt gratitude

lying it at the throne of the One who was the lamb without blemish,

Christ Jesus

as you revealed yourself to the disciples

reveal yourself to us today

help us to see you in those we walk alongside

those we encounter in our daily lives

those we overlook and ignore

reveal yourself to us

that our hearts will burn within us

and we will hurry to share your love

in praise, in prayer, in service

all to your honour and glory now and always

Spirit of God

as you moved within the disciples on the Emmaus road

move within us, we pray

move within us to recognise Jesus

in conversations

in sharing of meals

in those who are hungry, naked, imprisoned, thirsty

Christ the Way

as you lead us on your path

and walk with us

we thank you

assist us to do likewise

to walk alongside the grieving, the hurting, the confused

and bring comfort, we pray

we also pray for those who work to bring healing and wholeness into this broken world

in hospices, hospitals, homeless shelters

in places of conflict, war, hostility

in places of hunger, loneliness, desolation

bless all those who serve and who are served

that, in the midst of pain

your love is known

to bring healing and wholeness into this world of yours

through the power of that love

revealed in Christ Jesus