Approach and confession prayer 6 December 2020

Lord God

we need you

we need you with us

in our lives

to bring us comfort

comfort and hope

shine your light upon us

the light of your face, shine on us

that we may know the blessing you bestow

Lord God

we need you

we need to hear the comfort you can bring

this Advent journey

as we wait

wait, for the wondrous gift to be given to us

help us to wait

to listen

to prepare ourselves once more for your coming to us


God with us

Lord God

comfort us

come to us with power and might

show the whole earth it is you who reigns

over all

for the world needs you

needs to know your hope

your comfort

your love

Lord God

comfort us

comfort us as we cry in pain at the ways we have failed you, and others

through our own fault and with others

please do not hold onto our folly

for we faithfully come before you this day

longing to offer all we have

at your throne

seeking your love and forgiveness

May we know that forgiveness anew, today

brought to us through Christ Jesus


God with us