Thanksgiving and intercession 17 October 2021

The Most High

envelops, protects us

us, and all who call on God’s name

this is our salvation

our protection

greatly to be praise is the Most High

for the good gifts bestowed on the whole of creation

Glory and honour and thanksgiving

we lay at the throne

of our King and Saviour

Christ Jesus

praise and thanksgiving we offer you

in setting aside your power and glory

you came and showed a new way

a new path of living in the world

of service

and not power

assist us to do likewise

and resist the pull of glory and power

Power Wielding Christ

your power is the cross

your path is service

we praise and honour you for those who serve in this world

in cafes and bars

in shops and care homes

in governments and charities

bless their work

paid or unpaid

bless their families

and ours too

may they be a source of joy

Joy bearing One

may our joy be complete in knowing you

and following Christ’s path

all the days of our lives

may it radiate from us as light

the Light of the World

which we know

we pray that Light

may stretch out, as a tent, across the heavens

bringing joy and wholeness

healing and comfort

blessing and peace

to all people on earth

and for all creation

all this we pray through Christ Jesus