Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 30 April 2023

Good Shepherd

rich are the pastures you lead us to

full of good grazing

with cool, clean water bubbling by

what blessing this is

to hear your voice

and follow where you lead

in faith and trust and hope

in your eternal, wondrous love

assist us to be attentive to the path you lead us on

in confident assurance though the path may be arduous

it is the one you call us to adopt

for your own sake

we praise you

we praise and bless you for your goodness to us

every day of our lives

in your leading

in your caring

in your provision for our needs

Providing One

in your great mercy, through Jesus’ followers

glimpses of the kingdom are revealed

from the early followers in Jerusalem

sharing what they had with those in need

to followers in the here and now

generously sharing and caring for their communities and the world

we think

of your followers in Sudan

offering shelter and food, in the most horrendous of circumstances

of Street Pastors in Inverness and across the country

being a Christian presence in our streets

of those who serve in presbytery and national church committees in the midst of strife

may you prepare a table for them, as they support the Church of Scotland

melt our hearts to be gracious towards all who serve the church

Leading Christ

as you led us to good, green pasture

our hearts ache for those in our world, our communities

who have been turned away by gatekeepers to the kingdom

feeling condemnation for their past, their lifestyle, their relationships, their clothes

from the very church which should offer welcome, compassion, care, love

where we are guilty of this

guide us back onto your path

and soften the hearts of those who would turn your people away

for your glory and honour