Opening Prayer 22 November 2015

Ancient of Days

how do we speak of your magnificence?

How do we capture an image of your power, your glory, your radiance?

How do we, we gathered here, come before your throne?

Poets and scribes throughout the centuries have tried, throughout the millennia to describe the indescribable

Yet, how do we describe watching a sun rise?

How do we describe beauty of a blossom?

How do we describe the wonder of a child’s first smile?

Like you, Lord God, these are too hard to put into words.

We may not be able to describe, but we can experience them.

We can experience coming into your presence, feeling your guidance and assurance, your power and authority, your mercy and your love.

We can experience these things in many ways, every day of our lives.

In this hour, in this place, as we worship you, may we experience your majesty in prayer, in praise, in our words and thoughts

May we focus our whole selves on you and you alone, Holy one.

As we kneel at your throne, with the throng of thousands throughout time and space, cleanse our hearts, our thoughts, our spirits.

Cleanse our lives of all which limits our lives,

all which causes hurt to others and ourselves,

all which prevents your kingdom bursting forth in this place.

Remind us we are cleansed of all our sins and set free for live in all its fullness, through the redeeming love of Christ the King, who taught us to pray together saying: