Approach and confession prayer 23 January 2022

The work of God’s hands are all around us

mountains and valleys

trees and fields

birds and livestock

all shaped and moulded

the work of God’s hands are all around us

in the experiences we each have

forming and fashioning us

into the people we are

the work of God’s hands are all around us

as we worship God

as we offer our prayers and our praise

as we listen to God’s Word

as take in the Holy Spirit

as we bring our devotion to God

Father, Son, Spirit

Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer

One God

Three in One

as there are many parts within your divinity

yet you are in perfect union

may we recognise this in ourselves

each an individual

each part of the whole

each needed to declare your glory to the whole world

as the church in this place

united to the whole, worldwide church

through faith in Christ Jesus

together becoming his body

Redeeming Christ

we are joined to you in baptism

and to one another

where there is division

bring unity

where there is hurt

bring healing

where some are dismissed

bring inclusion

where we’ve failed

in these and other ways

forgive us

by the power of your redeeming love

may we know forgiveness