Approach and confession prayer 21 October 2018

Glorious King

Your marvellous works are beyond our imagining

we can see the hills and vales

we can watch the migration of the goose and swan

we can observe the pattern of the night sky

there is so much about this world we can learn of

can come to understand

but small or large

atom or galaxy

all are held in the palm of your hand

all made through your Word breathed out into the void

shaping and moulding all which is seen and unseen

looking at it with the loving eye of an artist

and declaring it all very good

Glorious King

what are we that you have placed eternity on our hearts?

What are we that you invite us to spend time with you?

What are we that you long, most of all, for our love?

You who are our refuge

in whom we take shelter from the storms which would overwhelm us

You who came to us

in your Son, Jesus Christ

not to Lord it over us

but to be with us, in our frailty, our failings, our fear

Come, this hour, Christ Jesus

send the Holy Spirit among us

that, as we offer our prayer, our praise

it may blend with all those across the world-wide church

to be a sign of service

made Holy through your blessing on us this day

Blessing Christ

as we draw near to you

we long for your forgiveness once more

forgiveness for those things we have said, or done which did not show your love in the world

forgiveness for longing for power or position and not knowing what that means in your kingdom

forgiveness for not being servants to one another


May the power of Christ fill our hearts with love

that drives out all fear

so we, in being forgiven are set free to be the church of Jesus Christ for the world in this place