Approach and confession prayer 23 July 2017

There is no God like you, Lord God

nothing, nothing in all of creation matches you magnificence

Your wondrous deeds lie before us

in the grandeur of the landscape

in the simplicity of the wheat swaying in unison

both formed in and through your love

your love, spoken forth into the void

bringing forth

heaven and earth

moons and stars

towns and countryside

nations and countries

May all come ad worship you, Lord God

may all come and know you alone are King

May all come and bow at your throne

in humility,

to honour you,

to give you praise,

to magnify your holy name

The name which is above all names

As we come, as your people in this time, in this place

we pray all we offer this hour may be acceptable in your sight, Lord God

wafting up to heaven as fragrant incense, blending with the angels and saints who gather in eternity

in the never ending hymn of praise


Christ our Lord

we long for undivided hearts

where envy, greed, hate, revenge, cruelty, selfishness are banished

we long to grow good seed for your kingdom

but the troubles in our lives and our world

the need to be noticed and important in the eyes of the world

mean we sometimes are like weeds growing in the field

yet, in your great mercy, where there are weeds, you do not tear them up

but allow the good seeds to grow alongside

driving out our sinful ways

that we may be righteousness in your sight

through your compassion, grace and unfailing love