Approach and confession prayer 5 January 2020

All creatures, praise the Lord!

in ocean depths

high above the mountain range

in forest and field

in park and home

all creatures praise the Lord!

Let us gather to praise God’s glorious name

joining our hearts and minds

our voices and souls

in adoration of God


who loves us

who saves us

who keeps God’s promise to us

and all the world

Covenant making One

in worship we bow before you

offering who we are at your altar

asking you would use us as your own people

guide us this hour and this year

to follow you always

and to trust your promises for us, for our children, for the plants and the oceans

for the river and the seas

are true

humbly, we seek your face to shine upon us

for you to be gracious to us

for you to bless us

with your presence with us this hour

may all our words, songs and prayers be in accordance to your will and acceptable in your sight, our God and King

King Jesus

as Anna and Simeon were blessed to gaze on your face

and know God’s promises are true

may we gaze on your face this year

that in seeing you, we would be blessed beyond imagining

cleansed of all our sins, all our hesitation, all our concerns to follow your path and your will

that, through our actions and worship

you would be glorified now and always