Approach and confession prayer 26 July 2020

Let us praise God

sing to God

Glorify God’s Holy name

may our hearts rejoice in seeking the Lord

find strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow

Praise the Lord

all you people

remember all God has done

from creating and shaping the cosmos

to wiping our tears when we weep

Praise the One

who knows our joys and our sorrows

who walks beside us

and shows us the kingdom

hidden in dough, in a field

in ourselves

praise Christ Jesus

who loves us

and died that we may have life

who rose again

to fulfil God’s covenant

from generation to generation

let us, for these and a ten thousand other reasons

praise God

Praiseworthy One

may your Word to us this day bring light

may our prayers be acceptable in your sight

may all we are be a fitting, sacrifice worthy of your glory

may we know the Spirit’s with us

her inspiration and challenge

her comfort and shielding


as you surround us in your compassion

help us to truly confess our sins

where we have wronged one another

we are sorry

where we have harmed the earth

we are sorry

where we have failed you

we are sorry

accept our confessions, we pray

cleanse our thoughts and minds

whiten our souls, with the compassion of the cross

so we may truly be the bearers of the Kingdom

today and always