Approach and confession prayer 13 January 2019

Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty

God of power and might

can this hour

come in power and might

transform this place

to a place filled with hopes and dreams and visions

to a place filled with grace and mercy and gentleness

to a place where the Holy Spirit puts a fire in our bellies

that our praise, our praise will become something more than we alone can make them

they can become the actual worship of angels and saints

this day

Day forming One

point us to the mystery of all you are

the triune God

Father, Son, Holy Spirit

who together are God

God who made the whole universe

seen and unseen

was and is

and once again, made a day for us

this day, for us to delight in, to care in, to laugh and cry and love in

for this is the day the Lord has made

may we rejoice and be glad in it

for there will never be another day like it

a day where we can meet our God


Renewing Christ

restore us to you this day

recall to us that we are your people

joined to you and one another through our baptism

a baptism where we were touched with water and shown the means of grace

which is turning away from all selfishness



all which does not promote good, generous, loving living in this world

remind us, through baptism we are washed clean of all of these sins

through the one who went through the waters before us

Christ Jesus, our Lord, our Saviour, our friend