Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 26 June 2022

God Most Holy

we give you thanks you are with us in life

from birth to death

guiding, comforting, loving us

through Jesus, your Son

we thank you for those who have been with us

at the significant moments of life

new life

starting school

moving into our our home


and, even those who’ve surrounded us in love, when we’ve been bereaved

we thank you we can celebrate and mourn those moments in Christian worship

for you are with us in all the transitions of live

we also realise transitions are exciting for some

and scary for others

where your people are daunted, bring calm

where your people are disheartened, bring reassurance

where your people are overwhelmed, bring encouragement

we thank you for those who, in times of transitions, bring calm reassurance, encouragement

in their words and their presence

Jesus Christ

our constant hope and presence

may we rest in you, through all the transitions we face

trusting in your goodness and that you will lead us on the paths of righteousness

Ever Righteous One

our world seems in flux

Covid is still a threat, especially in countries with little access to vaccines

war rages in Ukraine

food and fuel increase in price almost on a daily basis

the winds of change blow strongly across the Kirk

and we long for it to stop

for the storm to pass

especially for those who are affected the most with these transitions

where we are struggling, may we seek and find help and comfort.

Where others are struggling, may we be their source of help and comfort

God of All Comfort

we bring before you the broken hearted, the lost, the marginalised

those killed and injured in the Afghanistan earthquake

those who are known and unknown to us

we offer in prayer, knowing you do know them all

and take comfort to them

through the spirit guiding those who work for the good of the world

May goodness prevail on all the earth, even in these uncertain times